Some English translations of Shobogenzo fascicles

— in 95-fascicle order, with transliteration of Japanese title and dates delivered, as given by Heine in DC, p. 242-5.

For the three complete editions (T+, NC and SA), numbering and transliterations of Japanese titles are given when they differ from column 1. Other translations are listed in rightmost column, using these abbreviations:

Page numbers given for these works refer to the editions listed in my general reference list.

number: title
date delivered
Tanahashi+: English title Nishjima/Cross V#: English title Shasta Abbey PDF: English title other translations (pg): English title
[listed alphabetically]
1: Bendowa
T+: On the Endeavor of the Way NCv1: A Talk about Pursuing the Truth SA: A Discourse on Doing One’s Utmost in Practicing the Way of the Buddha • BT (12): On the Endeavor of the Way
• MD (143): On the Endeavor of the Way
• WA (7): Negotiating the Way
• WW
2: Maka hannya haramitsu
T+: Manifestation of Great Prajna NCv1: Maha-prajna-paramita SA: On the Great Wisdom That Is Beyond Discriminatory Thought • CS (270): Great Transcendent Wisdom
• RG (207)
3: Genjo koan
T+: Actualizing the Fundamental Point NCv1: The Realized Universe SA: On the Spiritual Question as It Manifests Before Your Very Eyes • CS (277): The Issue at Hand
• EU (35): Actualizing the Fundamental Point
• MD (69): Actualizing the Fundamental Point
• Okumura, Realizing Genjokoan
• SVS (65): Manifesting Absolute Reality
• WA (39): Manifesting Suchness
• others included in gnoxic Genjokoan page
4: Ikka myoju
T+: One Bright Pearl NCv1 [Ikka-no-myoju]: One Bright Pearl SA: On ‘The One Bright Pearl’ • BT (54): One Bright Pearl
• CS (300): One Bright Jewel
• SVS (71): One Bright Pearl
• WA (31): One Bright Pearl
5: Ju'un-do shiki
T+: Regulations for the Auxiliary Cloud Hall NCv1: Rules for the Hall of Heavy Cloud SA: On Conduct Appropriate for the Auxiliary Cloud Hall • BT (99): Regulations for the Auxiliary Cloud Hall
• MD (49): Regulations for the Auxiliary Cloud Hall
6: Sokushin zebutsu
T+: The Mind Itself Is Buddha NCv1: Mind Here and Now Is Buddha SA: On ‘Your Very Mind Is Buddha’
7: Senjo
T+: Cleansing NCv1: Washing SA: On Washing Yourself Clean
8: Raihai tokuzui
T+ 9: Receiving the Marrow by Bowing NCv1: Prostrating to Attainment of the Marrow SA 10: On ‘Respectful Bowing Will Secure for You the Very Marrow of the Way’ • Ox (97): Paying Homage and Acquiring the Essence
• SZTP Weinstein: Getting the Marrow by Doing Obeisance
9: Keisei sanshoku
T+ 10: Valley Sounds, Mountain Colors NCv1 [Keisei-sanshiki]: The Voices of the River-Valley and the Form of the Mountains SA 8: On ‘The Rippling of a Valley Stream, the Contour of a Mountain’ • EU (59): Valley Sounds, Mountain Colors
• Ox (69): Sounds of the Valley Streams, Forms of the Mountains
• RZ (116): Sounds of the Valley Streams, Colors of the Mountains
10: Shoaku makusa
T+ 11: Refrain from Unwholesome Action NCv1: Not Doing Wrongs SA 9: On ‘Refrain from All Evil Whatsoever’ • RZ (85): Do Not Do Anything Evil
• SZTP Bodiford: Not Doing Evils
11: Uji
T+ 12: The Time Being NCv1: Existence-Time SA: On ‘Just for the Time Being, Just for a While, For the Whole of Time is the Whole of Existence’ • CS (344): Being Time
• MD (76), EU (69): The Time-Being
• WA (47): Being-Time
12: Kesa kudoku
T+ 13: Power of the Robe NCv1: The Merit of the Kasaya SA 84: On the Spiritual Merits of the Kesa • EU (77): The Power of the Robe
13: Den-e
T+ 14 [Den'e]: Transmitting the Robe NCv1: The Transmission of the Robe SA 12: On the Transmission of the Kesa
14: Sansuikyo
T+ 15: Mountains and Waters Sutra NCv1 [Sansuigyo]: The Sutra of Mountains and Water SA 13: On the Spiritual Discourses of the Mountains and the Water • CS (330): The Scripture of Mountains and Waters
• MD (97): Mountains and Waters Sutra
• SZTP Bielefeldt: Mountains and Waters Sutra
15: Busso
T+ 16: Buddha Ancestors NCv1: The Buddhist Patriarchs SA 14: On the Buddhas and the Ancestors • MD (184): Buddha Ancestors
16: Shisho
T+ 17: Document of Heritage NCv1: The Certificate of Succession SA 15: On the Record of Transmission • MD (186): Document of Heritage
17: Hokke ten hokke
T+ 18: Dharma Blossoms Turn Dharma Blossoms NCv1: The Flower of Dharma Turns the Flower of Dharma SA 16: On ‘The Flowering of the Dharma Sets the Dharma’s Flowering in Motion’
18: Shin fukatoku
T+ 19: Ungraspable Mind NCv1: Mind Cannot Be Grasped (The former) SA 17: On ‘The Mind Cannot Be Held Onto’ (Oral version) • DKT (253): Ungraspable Mind
19: Shin fukatoku b
T+ 20 [Go shin fukatoku]: Ungraspable Mind, later version NCv1: Mind Cannot Be Grasped [The latter] SA 18: On ‘The Mind Cannot Be Grasped’ (Written version)
20: Kokyo
T+ 21: Old Mirror NCv1: The Eternal Mirror SA 19: On the Ancient Mirror
21: Kankin
T+ 22: Reading a Sutra NCv1: Reading Sutras SA 20: On Reading Scriptures
22: Bussho
T+ 23: Buddha Nature NCv2: The Buddha-nature SA 21: On Buddha Nature • WA (59): Buddha-Nature
23: Gyobutsu igi
T+ 24 [Gyobutsu iigi]: Awesome Presence of Active Buddhas NCv2 [Gyobutsu-yuigi]: The Dignified Behavior of Acting Buddha SA 22 [Gyōbutsu Iigi]: On the Everyday Behavior of a Buddha Doing His Practice • BT (79): Awesome Presence of Active Buddhas
24: Bukkyo (Teachings)
T+ 25: The Buddhas' Teaching NCv2: The Buddha's Teaching SA 23: On What the Buddha Taught
25: Jinzu
T+ 26: Miracles NCv2: JINZU - Mystical Power SA 24: On the Marvelous Spiritual Abilities • EU (104): Miracles
• SZTP Bielefeldt: Spiritual Powers
26: Daigo
T+ 27: Great Enlightenment NCv2: Great Realization SA 25: On the Great Realization • BT (63): Great Enlightenment
• RZ (108): Great Understanding
• SVS (117): Great Awakening
27: Zazen shin
T+ 28: The Point of Zazen NCv2: A Needle for Zazen SA 26: On Wanshi’s ‘Kindly Advice for Doing Seated Meditation’ • BT (37): The Point of Zazen
• SZTP Bielefeldt: Lancet of Zazen
28: Butsukojoji
T+ 29 [Bukkujo ji]: Going Beyond Buddha NCv2 [Butsu-kojo-no-ji]: The Matter of the Ascendant State of Buddha SA 27: On Experiencing That Which Is Above and Beyond Buddhahood • MD (203): Going Beyond Buddha
• SVS (107): Beyond Buddha
29: Immo
T+ 30: Thusness NCv2 [Inmo]: It SA 28: On That Which Comes Like This • CS (292): Such
30a: Gyoji
T+ 31A [Gyoji, jo]: Continuous Practice, Part One NCv2: [Pure] Conduct and Observance [of Precepts], Part 1 SA 29: On Ceaseless Practice • EU (114): Continuous Practice (Fascicle 1)
• Ox (129): Continuous Practice
30b: Gyoji
T+ 31B [Gyoji, ge]: Continuous Practice, Part Two NCv2: [Pure] Conduct and Observance [of Precepts], Part 2 SA 29: On Ceaseless Practice • EU (137): Continuous Practice (Fascicle 2)
31: Kaiin zanmai
T+ 32 [Kai'in zemmai]: Ocean Mudra Samadhi NCv2: Samadhi, State Like the Sea SA 30: On ‘The Meditative State That Bears the Seal of the Ocean’ • BT (71): Ocean Mudra Samadhi
• CS (320): The Ocean Seal Concentration
• SZTP Bielefeldt/Radich: Ocean Seal Samadhi
32: Juki
T+ 33: Confirmation NCv2: Affirmation SA 31: On Predicting Buddhahood
33: Kannon
T+ 34: Avalokiteshvara NCv2: Avalokitesvara SA 32: On Kannon, the Bodhisattva of Compassion • SVS (89): Kannon
34: Arakan
T+ 35: Arhat NCv2: The Arhat SA 33: On Arhats • SZTP Weinstein: The Arhat
35: Hakujushi
T+ 36: Cypress Tree NCv2: Cedar Trees SA 34: On the Cypress Tree • SZTP Bielefeldt: The Cypress Tree
36: Komyo
T+ 37: Radiant Light NCv2: Brightness SA 35: On the Brightness of the Light
37: Shinjin gakudo
T+ 38: Body-and-Mind Study of the Way NCv2: Learning the Truth with Body and Mind SA 36: On Learning the Way Through Body and Mind • MD (87): Body-and-Mind Study of the Way
38: Muchu setsumu
T+ 39: Within a Dream Expressing the Dream NCv2: Preaching a Dream in a Dream SA 37: On a Vision Within a Vision and a Dream Within a Dream • EU (165): Within a Dream Expressing the Dream
39: Dotoku
T+ 40: Expressions NCv2: Expressing the Truth SA 38: On Expressing What One Has Realized • SVS (101): Expression
40: Gabyo
T+ 41: Painting of a Rice cake NCv2: A Picture of Rice Cake SA 39: On ‘A Picture of a Rice Cake’ • MD (134): Painting of a Rice-cake
• SVS (77): Painting of a Rice Cake
41: Zenki
T+ 42: Undivided Activity NCv2: All Functions SA 40: On Functioning Fully • CS (288): The Whole Works
• EU (173), MD (84): Undivided Activity
42: Tsuki
T+ 43: The Moon NCv3: The Moon SA 43: On the Moon as One’s Excellent Nature • MD (129): The Moon
43: Kuge
T+ 44: Flowers in the Sky NCv3: Flowers in Space SA 44: On the Flowering of the Unbounded • CS (307): Flowers in the Sky
44: Kobusshin
T+ 45 [Kobutsu shin]: Old Buddha Mind NCv3: The Mind of Eternal Buddhas SA 45: On What the Mind of an Old Buddha Is • SZTP Bielefeldt [Kobutsu shin]: Old Buddha Mind
45: Bodaisatta shi shobo
T+ 46 [Bodaisatta shi shoho]: Bodhisattva's Four Methods of Guidance NCv3: Four Elements of a Boddhisattva's Social Relations SA 46: On the Four Exemplary Acts of a Bodhisattva • CS (357): The Four Integrative Methods of Bodhisattvas
• MD (44): Bodhisattva's Four Methods of Guidance
46: Katto
T+ 47: Twining Vines NCv3: The Complicated SA 47: On the Vines That Entangle: the Vines That Embrace • DKT (243): Entangled Vines
• MD (168): Twining Vines
• SZTP Bielefeldt: Twining Vines
47: Sangai yuishin
T+ 48: Three Realms are Inseparable from Mind NCv3: The Triple World is Only the Mind SA 48: On ‘The Threefold World Is Simply Your Mind’
48: Sesshin sessho
T+ 49: Speaking of Mind, Speaking of Essence NCv3: Expounding the Mind & Expounding the Nature SA 41: On Expressing One’s True Nature by Expressing One’s Intent • SZTP Bielefeldt: Talking of the Mind, Talking of the Nature
49: Butsudo
T+ 50: The Buddha Way NCv3: The Buddhist Truth SA 51: On the Buddha’s Way • SZTP Bielefeldt: The Way of the Buddha
50: Shoho jisso
T+ 51: The Reality of All Things NCv3: All Dharmas are Real Form SA 49: On the Real Form of All Thoughts and Things
51: Mitsugo
T+ 52: Intimate Language NCv3: Secret Talk SA 52: On the Heart-to-Heart Language of Intimacy • EU (179): Intimate Language
52: Bukkyo
T+ 53: Buddha Sutras NCv3: The Buddhist Sutras SA 50: On Buddhist Scriptures
53: Mujo seppo
T+ 54: Insentient Beings Speak Dharma NCv3: The Non-Emotional Preaches the Dharma SA 54: On the Dharma That Nonsentient Beings Express • EU (185): Insentient Beings Speak Dharma
• SZTP Bielefeldt: The Insentient Preach the Dharma
54: Hossho
T+ 55: Dharma Nature NCv3: The Dharma-nature SA 53: On the True Nature of All Things • CS (282): The Nature of Things
55: Darani
T+ 56: Dharani NCv3: Dharani SA 42: On Invocations: What We Offer to the Buddhas and Ancestors
56: Senmen
T+ 8 [Semmen]: Washing the Face NCv3: Washing the Face SA 55: On Washing Your Face
57: Menju
T+: Face-to-Face Transmission NCv3: The Face-to-Face Transmission SA 74: On Conferring the Face-to-Face Transmission • MD (175): Face-to-Face Transmission
58: Zazen gi
T+: Rules for Zazen NCv3: The Standard Method of Zazen SA 56: On the Model for Doing Meditation • BT (7): Rules for Zazen
• MD (29): Rules for Zazen
• SZTP Bielefeldt: Principles of Zazen
• WA (109): The Principles of Zazen
59: Baika
T+: Plum Blossoms NCv3: Plum Blossoms SA 57: On the Plum Blossom • MD (114): Plum Blossoms
60: Jippo
T+: Ten Directions NCv3 [Juppo]: The Ten Directions SA 58: On the Whole Universe in All Ten Directions • SZTP Bielefeldt: The Ten Directions
61: Kenbutsu
T+ [Kembutsu]: Seeing the Buddha NCv3: Meeting Buddha SA 59 [Kembutsu]: On Encountering Buddha
62: Hensan
T+ [Henzan]: All-Inclusive Study NCv3: Thorough Exploration SA 60 [Henzan]: On Seeking One’s Master Far and Wide • MD (197): All-Inclusive Study
• SZTP Bielefeldt [Henzan]: Extensive Study
63: Ganzei
T+: Eyeball NCv3: Eyes SA 61: On the Eye of a Buddha • SVS (83): Eye-pupil
64: Kajo
T+: Everyday Activity NCv3: Everyday Life SA 62: On Everyday Life • MD (124): Everyday Activity
• Ox (153): Everyday Life
65: Ryugin
T+: Dragon Song NCv3: The Moaning of Dragons SA 63: On the Roar of a Dragon • BT (59): Dragon Song
• RZ (104): The Dragon Howl
• SVS (97): Dragon Song
• SZTP Bielefeldt: Song of the Dragon
66: Shunju
T+: Spring and Autumn NCv3: Spring and Autumn SA 64: On Spring and Autumn: Warming Up and Cooling Down • MD (108): Spring and Autumn
• Ox (111): Spring and Fall
67: Soshi seirai i
T+ [Soshi sairai i]: The Meaning of Bodhidharma's Coming from India NCv3 [Soshi-sairai-no-i]: The Ancestral Master's Intention in Coming from the West SA 65: On Why Our Ancestral Master Came from the West • SZTP Bielefeldt: The Intention of the Ancestral Master's Coming from the West
68: Udon ge
T+: Udumbara Blossom NCv3: The Udumbara Flower SA 66: On the Udumbara Blossom
69: Hotsu mujo shin
T+: Arousing the Aspiration for the Unsurpassable NCv3: Establishment of the Will to the Supreme SA 67 : On Giving Rise to the Unsurpassed Mind • Ox (81): Arousing the Supreme Thought
• RZ (95): Awakening the Unsurpassed Mind
• SZTP Bielefeldt (Hotsu bodai shin): Bringing Forth the Mind of Bodhi [See his introduction]
70: Hotsu bodai shin
T+: Arousing the Aspiration for Enlightenment NCv3: Establishment of the Bodhi-mind SA 85: On Giving Rise to the Enlightened Mind [This Hotsu bodaishin is #4 in the 12-fascicle edition; #69 is #63 in the 75-fascicle edition.]
71: Nyorai zenshin
T+: Tathagata's Entire Body NCv3: The Whole Body of the Tathagata SA 68: On the Universal Body of the Tathagata • Ox (125): The Tathagata's Whole Body
72: Zanmai ozanmai
T+ [Sammai ozammai]: King of Samadhis NCv3: The Samadhi That Is King of Samadhis SA 69 [Zammai-o Zammai]: On the Meditative State That Is the Lord of Meditative States • BT (50): King of Samadhis
• SZTP Bielefeldt: The King of Samadhis Samadhi
• WA (99): The King of Samadhis Samadhi
73: Sanjushichi hon bodai bun
T+ [Sanjushichi hon bodai bumpo]: Thirty-Seven Wings of Enlightenment NCv4 [Sanjushichi-bon-bodai-bunbo]: The Thirty-seven Auxiliary Bodhi Methods SA 70 [Sanjushichihon Bodai Bumpo]: On the Thirty-Seven Methods of Training for Realizing Enlightenment
74: Tenborin
T+ [Temborin]: Turning the Dharma Wheel NCv4: Turning the Dharma Wheel SA 71 [Temborin]: On Turning the Wheel of the Dharma • EU (196): Turning the Dharma Wheel
75: Jisho zanmai
T+ [Jisho zammai]: Self-realization Samadhi NCv4: Samadhi as Self Experience SA 72 [Jisho Zammai]: On the Meditative State of One’s True Nature
76: Dai shugyo
T+: Great Practice NCv4: Great Practice SA 73: On the Great Practice
77: Koku
T+: Space NCv4: Space SA 75: On The Unbounded • EU (205): Space
78: Ho-u
T+ [Hou]: Eating Bowl NCv4 [Hatsu-u]: The Patra SA 76 [Hatsu'u]: On a Monk’s Bowl
79: Ango
T+: Practice Period NCv4: The Retreat SA 77: On the Summer Retreat • BT (118): Practice Period
80:Tashin tsu
T+: Seeing Others' Minds NCv4: The Power to Know Others' Minds SA 78: On Reading the Minds and Hearts of Others • SZTP Bielefeldt: Penetration of Other Minds
81: Osaku sendaba
T+: King Wants the Saindhava NCv4: A King's Seeking of Saindhava SA 79: On ‘The King Requests Something from Sindh’ • DKT 249: A King Requests Saindhava
82: Ji kuin mon
T+: Instructions on Kitchen Work NCv4: Sentences To Be Shown in the Kitchen Hall SA 80: On Instructions for Monks in the Kitchen Hall
83: Shukke
T+: Leaving the Household NCv4: Leaving Family Life SA 81: On Leaving Home Life Behind • Ox (91): Home Departure
84: Sanjigo
T+ 85: Karma in the Three Periods NCv4 [Sanji-no-go]: Karma in Three Times SA 89: On Karmic Retribution in the Three Temporal Periods
85: Shime
T+ 86: Four Horses NCv4: The Four Horses SA 90: On ‘The Four Horses’
86: Shukke kudoku
T+ 87: Virtue of Home Leaving NCv4: The Merit of Leaving Family Life SA 82: On the Spiritual Merits of Leaving Home Life Behind
87: Kuyo shobutsu
T+ 88: Making Offerings to Buddhas NCv4: Serving Offerings to Buddhas SA 86: On Making Venerative Offerings to Buddhas
88: Kie sanbo
T+ 89 [Kie bupposo]: Taking Refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha NCv4: Taking Refuge in the Three Treasures SA 87 [Kie Bupposo Ho]: On Taking Refuge in the Treasures of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha
89: Jinshin inga
T+ 90 [Shinjin inga]: Identifying with Cause and Effect NCv4 [Shinjin-inga]: Deep Belief in Cause and Effect SA 88: On the Absolute Certainty of Cause and Effect • EU (264): Identifying with Cause and Effect
• Ox (117): Deep Faith in Cause and Effect
90: Shizen biku
T+ 91: Monk of the Fourth-stage Meditation NCv4: The Bhiksu in the Fourth Dhyana SA 91: On the Monk in the Fourth Meditative State
91: Yuibutsu yobutsu
T+ 92: Only a Buddha and a Buddha NCv4: Buddhas Alone, Together With Buddhas SA 95: On ‘Each Buddha on His Own, Together with All Buddhas’ • MD (161): Only Buddha and Buddha
92: Shoji
T+ 93: Birth and Death NCv4: Life-and-Death SA 93: On Life and Death • CS (362): Birth and Death
• MD (74): Birth and Death
• WA (105): Birth and Death
93: Doshin
T+ 94: Heart of the Way NCv4: The Will to the Truth SA 94: On the Mind’s Search for Truth
94: Jukai
T+ 95: Receiving the Precepts NCv4: Receiving the Precepts SA 83: On Receiving the Precepts
95: Hachi dainin gaku
T+ 84: Eight Awakenings of Great Beings NCv4: The Eight Truths of a Great Human Being SA 96: On the Eight Realizations of a Great One • CS (352): The Eight Awarenesses of Great People
• EU (271): Eight Awakenings of Great Beings
: Ippyakuhachi homyo mon
T+ 96: One Hundred Eight Gates of Realizing Dharma NCv4 Appendix 2: One Hundred and Eight Gates of Dharma-Illumination SA 92: On the One Hundred and Eight Gates to What the Dharma Illumines
: Butsu-kojo-no-ji [alternate text of 28] NCv4 Appendix 1: The Matter of the Ascendant State of Buddha
: Fukanzazengi T+ Appendix 1: Recommending Zazen to All People NCv1 Appendix: Universal Guide to the Standard Method of Zazen • BT (3): Recommending Zazen to All People
• EU (32): Recommending Zazen to All People
• Ox (65): General Recommendations for Doing Zazen
• WA (1): Universal Promotion of the Principles of Zazen

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